TBlox is new generation zero-risk purchase-to-pay software. We offer clients better control and insights in business activities at lower cost.

Our Story

We’re passionate about helping your business grow

TBlox started 13 years ago as one of the first cloud companies. The goal was to challenges the traditional IT landscape to help clients grow their business. In the last three years the world is changing more than ever and the transformation to the cloud is indispensable. By working closely together with our clients,
disruptive business models and cloud experience for over 13 years, is TBlox helping companies with the transformation to the cloud. Organizations stop wasting scarce resources like money, manpower and materials. We believe our drive is rooted in our values.

We are proud to offer the world our cloud based solution to improve their global procurement processes. This allows them to align all their global processes and systems. We believe in open digital communication between systems, persons and businesses. Via the implementation of robotics manual processes are unnecessary.

We distinguish us by providing advanced solutions, such as out accounting robot, digital invoice platform, advanced workflow, free and open catalogue portal, integrated spend analyses and drive for continuous improvement.

We provide new generation cloud based software with the best practice processes in place. This results in low-risk implementation via a standard methodology. We truly believe in complete transparency resulting in teaming-up with clients and their network.

Together we can change the global IT landscape and benefit from the real power of technology.

We believe in our values


Be Loved
because we truly care for each other

User friendly internet software result in fast adoption by users. We offer both free as premium pay per use technology, so all your business relation can participate on our cloud network.


Exceeding Clients Expectations
encourage honest feedback

Standardized software and implementation plans result in fast return on investments. We can realize up to 10x faster processing of invoices than the current standards.


Smart Innovation
simply because it puts us ahead and its good fun

We develop smart robotics, artificial intelligence and lean software enabling our clients to reduce manual activities. By normalizing data and open IT infrastructure, we create the bridge between any traditional and cloud solution.


Team up
teams can stand the heat, individuals can’t

We distribute smart technology fast via our global network of partners. We reduce global waste of paper and labour by stimulating electronic exchange of data via our FreeSupplierPortal