TBlox is new generation zero-risk purchase-to-pay software. We offer clients better control and insights in business activities at lower cost.

Our Story

We’re passionate about helping your business grow

TBlox started 11 years ago as one of the first cloud companies. The goal was to challenges the traditional IT landscape to help clients grow their business. In the last three years the world is changing more than ever and the transformation to the cloud is indispensable. By working closely together with our clients,
disruptive business models and cloud experience for over 11 years,  is TBlox helping companies with the transformation to the cloud. Organizations stop wasting scarce resources like money, manpower and materials. We believe our drive is rooted in our values.

We believe in our values

For every company

We offer sustainable business with Free ERP software for small enterprises, suppliers and developing countries.

Smart innovation

We are continue looking for new innovations. We have an open network for digital exchange of data and we are a partner of Xentral Station, which means that our clients can always combine the best technology.